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Get answers to common questions about GP Sick Note services, including how to order, how to receive your doctor's note, and what to do if you have any issues with your order.

  • How do I order my GP sick note?
    Please click here to order your GP sick note.
  • How will I receive my GP sick note?
    It will emailed directly to the email address you provided.
  • What do I do if I need a sick note for more than 3 weeks?
    Please make an appointment with your registered GP to discuss this with them
  • What if I don't have a registered GP?
    Please email us if you do not have a registered GP and would like some help in finding a GP to register with a GP.
  • Can this be used if I live outside of Ireland?
    Our Drs are only medically insured to cover patients who reside in Ireland
  • Can I get Social Welfare Certificates (e.g. illness benefit / disability benefit)?
    No, our service only provides GP sick notes/ Medical Certificates for Sick Leave. If you need a Social Welfare Certificate, then please contact your registered GP
  • Can you help if I do not have a registered GP?
    Yes please email if you do not have a registered GP and enter personal details (name, location in Ireland) and we can send you some information on how to register with a GP
  • What if I need a GP sick note for travel insurance purposes?
    Please book a regular GP consultation as this usually requires 10-15 minutes of GP time to gather clinical details and fill in all paperwork and answer all queries. So it is not appropriate for this quick service
  • Why would someone need a GP sick note if they are fully better?
    Most of us regularly experience minor illnesses (such as minor coughs/ colds/ sore throats). A critical component to recovering from a lot of these minor illnesses is rest. It is often not helpful to have to struggle with phoning & booking a GP appointment, and making our way to a GP clinic if we have a minor illness and just need rest. Once the person is fully better, an employer may request a "GP sick note"/ "Medical Certificate for Sick Leave" to cover the dates of sick leave. That is where we come in 🙂
  • Do I have to notify my employer about the exact details of my illness with my GP sick note?
    No. That is your private medical information. However if you wish to have it listed on the GP sick note then please let our GP know and we can accommodate that. Some people may like to have their illness mentioned on the GP sick note and shared with their employer (e.g. for a work related injury)
  • If I just have a cough and want to get a "GP sick note", why do you advise to book a regular appointment with my GP?
    When someone has ongoing symptoms such as a cough, and is looking for a GP Sick Note, we like to make sure that the person has a clinical assessment and is being treated appropriately. This involves a much longer consultation. Doctors then make a decision (via a "Regular GP Consultation") on the likely diagnosis and if any prescription medication or tests are needed. For us to just provide a "GP Sick Note" without doing all the above would fall short of the standard of GP care that we all expect and deserve! All the above usually takes 10-15 minutes ie a "regular GP Consultation"
  • How do I contact you if I have any issues with my GP sick note that I received?
    Please click here if you have any queries.
  • Is this the same as a Fitness to Work Certificate?
    No. A Fitness To Work certificate is completed by an Occupational Health Doctor. This is a doctor who has a specialist qualification, different to that of your GP. Occupational Health Doctors use their medical expertise to assess fitness for work, provide advice on workplace adjustments, prevent ill health and promote health and wellbeing.
  • I still have a query that isn't covered by these FAQs. How do I get help for this?
    Please email
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